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If you have ever been cooking something and had it smoke up even a little, you know how important it is to have a functioning vent hood. When it isn’t working correctly and there is a problem, it can be difficult to diagnose. The best solution, of course, is to catch a problem early and before it becomes a large problem!
If you notice any of the following signs when using your vent hood, schedule an appointment for a free estimate right away to ensure the best service in Austin:

  • Rattling noises – If you hear rattling coming from your exhaust fan, it is usually an indication that something has become off-balanced and could break.
  • Loud noise before ceasing working – If you hear a loud noice from the motor that happens right before the motor ceases to work, it is a good idea to call a commercial kitchen service company as soon as possible. Jumping on a repair quickly can help to prevent your exhaust ventilation system from failing during operating hours.
  • Failure to start – Simply stated, make sure that everything is where it’s supposed to be. If it is and it still isn’t working, it’s smart to give a vent hood company a call to schedule an appointment.

Routine Vent Hood Cleaning

We recommend having someone from our team perform a routine annual service and cleaning to ensure the best functionality, performance, and efficiency. This also ensures that your range/vent hood fan will not become a fire hazard. During an annual cleaning, we check all of your electrical and wiring, damper door function, motor functionality and diagnostics, duct, plenum and overall fan performance. 

New Motor Installs

Vent hood and range hood fan motors wear down over time. It is important to make sure your fan motor in your range/vent hood is clean of debris and operating with as little resistance as possible. When vent hood fan motors begin to wear down they can become a fire hazard, causing them to overload or short out. If your range/vent hood is noticeably pulling less air or is not working like it used to, please give us a call.

New Range Hood Installation

We can install completely new range/vent hoods as well.


Upgrade Vent/Range Hood

We can upgrade just about any residential range/vent hood. Whether you want a new style or want something more on the commercial side, we can help.

Outdoor Cooking Areas and Outdoor Vent/Range Hoods

We can service any kind of residential outdoor cooking operation. Whether it is just as-needed cleaning or you want the system checked out to make sure it’s in good shape, we can help.

Filter Replacement

We can order any vent/range baffle filters. These are the filters that are your first line of defense against grease on your range/vent hood. Over time they can get lost, damaged or become inefficient. We offer replacements and solutions for these.

Disposable Filters

We also offer disposable range hood filters. These stop grease in their tracks and ensure you will never need your range hood cleaned again. These disposable filters offer a fire retardant material that allows air to pass through but not grease. These are the first line of defense, capture 99% of grease and ensure smooth operation of your system.

Vent Hood Accessories

We sell all accessories, remotes, lights bulbs and more for the vent hood in your home.

Vent Hood Cleaning

Austin Vent Hood Cleaning offers a wide range of vent hood cleaning services that cover every aspect of your kitchen hood system. Our expert vent hood cleaning services are perfect for your residential or commercial needs.

Exhaust Fan Repair

Austin Vent Hood Pros offers exhaust fan repair services. When the fan on your vent hood is no longer working at its best, you can run into issues such as grease or smoke buildup and air debris. Let the experts handle your exhaust fan repair!

Emergency Vent Hood Services

We understand the importance of keeping your business open and we will do everything in our power to provide you with the service and information needed to do it!
Please call the office for any emergencies during normal business hours. Outside normal business hours, please call us and we will mobilize to get you back up and running ASAP.

Safety Shield Disposable Filter Program

The most advanced and effective technology in the vent hood industry is the safety shield. This disposable filter captures 99% of grease produced from a commercial vent hood at the source. This is a proactive solution to maintaining your vent hood. Be proactive and not reactive when it comes to your commercial kitchen. Contact us today for more info about safety shield products.

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